Caregivers, get them moving daily. Get the APP!

Using  music and singing as key tools, each song addresses a specific muscle  group, joint function, or cognitive association for a few minutes at a  time with a positive "do what you can" attitude.  This caregivers app teaches  how to implement SEATED movement SAFELY for frail, sedentary populations  and dementia-afflicted seniors.   Using your device, you  can choose the songs based on the individual needs of your client and  get them moving every day wherever they may reside. 

It's simple. 

Click on "Manual" to review the PDF training manual for safety precautions. 

Click on a specific category. 

Click on a song to watch the choreography video with your client. 

Click on "Audio"  to hear the audio track with your client. 

Enjoy the moments you can create together any time throughout your day!

These audio tracks and videos are an excellent tool in:

*encouraging safe, low impact aerobic activity in short intervals

*engaging muscles and loosening joints 

*easing agitation and depression

*challenging/stimulating the brain

*improving walking pace

*forming a connection with your client / loved one

*creating happy moments

 For  best results, sing together with your loved ones or clients!  There is  no need to be a good singer. Just enjoy the moments and let the app sing to you.

The basic app is FREE!

 It includes:

 *Movement Safety Manual  

*Let's Warm Up video

*He's Got the Whole World in His Hands video

*He's Got the Whole World in His Hands audio track

*The Phrase Game audio track

other songs are $1.99 each  

all songs used with permission


by purchasing you are agreeing to the terms of use


Sample videos

The audio track of this song also can be used to encourage walking pace for those living with Parkinsons

This popular song encourages memory associations and upper body movements

This song encourages circulation in the lower legs by pumping the heels and toes in various ways


Hardcopy DVD/CD Movement toolkits are still available

Only $40 each (plus shipping)

safety manual is included in every toolkit