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Singing with exercise

Singing with exercise

Singing with exerciseSinging with exercise


 By making this purchase, you (“User”) are entering into a User Agreement  (the “Agreement”) between you and Lori’s Movin & Groovin for Lori  Adams Enterprises, LLC (the "Lori’s"), a corporation organized and  existing under the laws of the State of Florida. Purchase of the  materials constitutes good and valid consideration for entering into  this Agreement.

Lori’s is the holder of certain rights to  sell the Lori’s Materials, training and choreography, and uses Lori’s  Materials in connection with educational services in the field of  movement, training, and choreography for mobility for the elderly  (“Services”). User represents and warrants that user will read Lori’s  User training and desires to make use of Lori’s Materials User wishes to  use such videos and music of Lori’s for their own personal use in  assisting frail and/or elderly persons engage in movement.

In  consideration of the foregoing, the mutual promises set forth below,  and User’s purchase of Lori’s Materials, the Parties agree as follows:

All  uses of Lori’s Materials must be made in accordance with this Agreement  and cannot imply an affiliation with any third party, including an  implied affiliation with any brand, organization or company, and/or with  any individual not licensed hereunder. Where User wishes to use the  name, logo or marks of a third party in connection with Lori’s  Materials, User must obtain Lori’s and that third party’s prior  approval.Lori’s owns and/or has rights and licenses to all right, title  and interest in Lori’s Materials and User must not take any action  inconsistent with Lori’s ownership thereof. User’s use of Lori’s  Materials inures to the sole benefit of and is on behalf of Lori’s. In  that regard, Lori’s shall own all rights in and to any Lori’s materials  and/or instruction, including any copyright rights in the filming,  recording, streaming, uploading or reproduction of such materials and/or  training. Nothing in this Agreement gives User any right, title or  interest in Lori’s Materials other than the right to use Lori’s  Materials as permitted herein. User must not contest Lori’s ownership of  Lori’s Materials, the validity or enforceability of Lori’s Materials,  or the validity of this Agreement. User must not register or attempt to  register any trademark, service mark, logo, copyright, trade name or  business name that incorporates “Lori’s” or the Marks, or any  derivations thereof, nor can User assist any party in doing so.

This  Agreement is solely between User and Lori’s. All Lori’s materials  distributed to User are the property of Lori’s and User. Any other use  or distribution of such materials is prohibited. User must comply with  all applicable laws, regulations and ordinances in the country, state  and locality in which User utilizes Lori’s training and choreography,  and must obtain all appropriate government approvals pertaining to  providing User’s services, including any requirements for the  instruction of frail and/or elderly persons.

User must not copy,  duplicate, sell, distribute, upload, stream or otherwise disseminate any  Lori’s materials, or their contents; training manuals; streams, CDs  and/or DVDs. User must not use the Lori’s materials for purposes of  promoting any workshop, training, instruction, choreography session, as  part of a class, or other activity, or publicly perform any Lori’s  video, including of User’s own classes, for a commercial purpose. User  must not include third party intellectual property rights in utilizing  Lori’s materials without Lori’s prior approval.

User must not  film, record, stream live video, create DVDs or reproduce in any manner  Lori’s content, or otherwise imitate Lori’s content, videos, training,  choreography, or music. Lori’s claims all available rights to its  Intellectual Property, and all available rights that Lori’s has  licensed, and any unauthorized duplication, exhibition, distribution or  use without Lori’s prior approval is prohibited.