Meet Robin Griffiths

Inspiring participants of Lee and Charlotte Counties in Southwest Florida

 Robin has spent a life time building relationships that has included working with a variety of personalities and business organizations.  She is a published author, including a book about her mother's life who lived to the age of 91, and writes for a variety of blogs and publications.    

As a certified master coach in the technique of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is an approach to communication and personal development through the connection of language and behavioral patterns, Robin works with people that are on a journey for change.

Robin is also a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  Her work includes helping women though life’s transitions for self-improvement and to create personal balance physically and mentally.

Robin’s adventure began in Parson’s, Kansas and Springfield, Missouri, but her love for the tropics eventually landed her in Southwest Florida. The word “adventure” has always had a strong presence in her life. From running marathons, or an 80-mile hike on the Appalachian Trail to successfully climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Robin has never been afraid of pushing the limits of her endurance, on an adventure or in the office.

Her career had a dynamic start in Saudi Arabia with a defense company. By the mid 80’s she developed a taste for multimedia which put her in leadership positions with several companies in the field of newspapers, magazines and broadcasting.  Robin also has served the community in many capacities including development director as well as volunteering for the local humane society.

Because Robin is an inspirational writer, she often adds her special touch to her Movin and Groovin programs by reading excerpts from her stories and blog to her participants. They love it!

Robin has modeled professionally, traveled extensively and has been involved in various charitable organizations giving back to the community. She enjoys all types of outdoor activities and still loves to travel when the opportunity presents itself.

Robin and her husband live in Southwest Florida with their rescue dogs and eclectus parrot.

Robin has an important message.

Go to Robin's website to get life coaching and inspiration to manage life in a healthy way.  Be sure to check out her blog.

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