Meet Jodi Plachta ("Plaque-tuh")

Happy serving Greenville and surrounding counties in sunny North Carolina

From a very young age, Jodi Plachta decided she would become a teacher.  And she did just that.  In 2012, she earned a Bachelor degree in secondary education from Central Michigan University.

During her time at CMU, Jodi became a resident advisor and mentor for first year students. To encourage a positive college experience for freshmen, she organized an "Underground Open Mic Night" which became a favorite event for the students in her residence.  It was during these nights that Jodi discovered her own love for singing and performing!  Soon, audiences were requesting her to sing on a regular basis.

Upon graduation, Jodi moved to Greenville, obtained a high school teaching job, married her husband Jake, and took up residence with their two rescue dogs.

After 6 years in a high school setting, Jodi decided to expand her capabilities to teach English as a Second Language to Chinese students ages 5-12.

While she continues to teach ESL, Jodi is now expanding her horizons even more as a Master Movement Specialist.

She is excited to be able to combine 2 of her favorite talents, teaching and singing, this time for the senior population!

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