Meet Jo Lynn Laderach

Specializing in 30 minute movement programs for Downriver, Monroe and Toledo communities

 My name is Jo  Lynn Laderach.   I am a licensed contractor and formally worked in the  field of construction.  I had a lot of work during the recession /  housing crisis fixing up houses so that the banks could put them back on  the market.  I have a family history in construction.  My great  grandfather, my grandfather, my father, my two brothers and many uncles  and cousins are in the field of construction as well.  My passion is in  renovating older houses and buildings, including the one that I live in.   It's a Dutch Colonial built in 1878 located in Historic Monroe  Michigan. My path to Lori's Movin & Grovin movement specialist  seemed an unlikely one, but it's like John Lennon said "life is what  happens while you are busy making other plans". 


My  mother has memory problems; at least that's what we are comfortable  calling it.  After the recommendation of my mother's physician we joined  the local senior center. Her doctor said it would do her good to  socialize with other seniors and that it would help her memory.  My  mother didn't want to go alone so I went with her. We both really liked  the Movin & Groovin class with Lori.  My mom has always liked to sing and  dance. Originally, I was just going to help my mom, but I ended up  really liking it too.

 I  could not believe what a work out you can get by Movin & Groovin in  your chair, and how much fun it is. There is something about moving and  singing with other people that makes you feel good.  There is also  something about the music that Lori plays. I think because my mom  listened to this music when she was young it triggers a feeling of youth  in her.  A light comes on in her.  She smiles, she is silly, she is  having fun and she remembers all the words to these songs.  It's nice to  spend this time with her having fun.  I have three older brothers and a  little sister and we all take good care of my mom, but I may be the  only one who has this kind of enjoyment with her. 

 I  can remember thinking "how can I get a job doing this"?  Can you  imagine going to work and having fun? Not long after having these  thoughts Lori approached me.  She said "how would you like to do this  for a living?" I said "I would love to!" I think that she was a little  surprised at my immediate response.

 Since  my Master instructor training and primary group exercise certification, I have been traveling to different  independent and assisted living facilities.  I am so excited that this  would has opened up for me.  I love seeing that light turn on in my  audience, the smiles and joy is uplifting.  I love the look on their  faces when they haven't heard a song for years and yet they remember the  words.  I am so blessed to be doing this work.  

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