Meet jency emo

Happily serving Lee and Collier Counties in Southwest Florida

Jency is a nine year veteran fitness instructor with experience teaching almost every format, including Sit & Be Fit, chair yoga, and balance/strength/stretch.  Having a strong musical theater background, she loves to entertain!  She often gets silly in her classes, especially when she is telling her bad jokes!

Jency is a  devoted mother to two daughters, and she loves to watch them perform in plays and talent  shows.  Sometimes, she may bring her daughters with her to her events so the three can sing together.    

Jency is also  the owner of a small business called Side Kick Services.   She provides personal assistant/concierge services by providing elder care, pet sitting, handyman services, and housekeeping....basically anything that helps to balance the work or retirement lives of others.

When she is not working, she might be found skiing in a snow covered place.

This is one funny, talented, and smart lady who loves to make people laugh and feel alive.  


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